Rapide – 16/99

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Japan 1961 – Compact – 35 mm (half frame) – Rare.

The Yashica Rapid is a half-frame viewfinder camera, with a beautiful and unusual vertical design, typical of the innovative approaches of Japanese cameras from the 60s.

Half-frame cameras use a film format at half the usual exposure format, typically for the 35mm film where the usual format is 24×36 mm, the Yashica Rapid takes 18×24 mm exposures. One of the advantages is to get 72 exposures on a 36 exposure roll.

Perhaps more unusual in the Yashica Rapid is the advance mechanism that requires the operator to pull the leather strap to advance the film and cock the shutter. Combining a peculiar use of dulled metal and shiny dark plastic insets, the Yashica Rapid is a striking camera and a beautiful collectible.

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