The story
behind the cameras

Sharing the legacy of an unreasonable camera collector.

My father was a collector.

And like any true collector, he was far from being a reasonable man.

He harbored a multitude of passions that he meticulously transformed into expansive collections. As an engineer with an ardent love for history, much of his fascination centered around intricate technical devices adorned with chrome, delicate gears and intricate moving parts (like watches, calculators, or typewriters).

Amidst his diverse collections, he dedicated most of his attention to his collection of vintage cameras.

Vintage Camera Collector
My Father

As far as I can remember, I’ve always seen him scouring antique shops across the globe, frequenting trade fairs, and exploring flea markets in pursuit of an array of cameras ranging from the early 1900s to the late 1980s.

His delight lay in spending his nights disassembling them, painstakingly bringing them back to life. I rarely witnessed him happier than when he finally heard the satisfying “click” of a camera’s shutter that had lain silent for decades.

This insatiable passion drove him for more than five decades, leading him to create one of the most eclectic and captivating vintage camera collections, spanning not only through various eras but also encompassing a diverse array of technical innovations.

I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with him during my childhood (often assisting him in carrying newly acquired camera boxes or observing him intently as he repaired them, feeling like a part of an intricate microsurgery). As I grew older, he eagerly awaited my visits so he could guide me through his latest acquisitions in his sanctuary after dinner. It’s a ritual we cherished for years.

In 2020, my father passed away, leaving behind one of the most comprehensive collections, housing over 2000 vintage cameras.

Continuing the journey my father started.

Camera Collector
Some of my Father’s cameras (and me)

I’ve decided to carry forward my father’s collection, but with a different approach. While he aimed for an extensive array, I’m focused on curating a collection of only the 99 most iconic cameras throughout history.

My goal is to create a collection that thrives and evolves, with a dedicated permanent Museum in Paris and an official Book to its name.

Crafting such a project is no small feat, even with an extraordinary foundation like my father’s collection. This led me to initiate the 99 Cameras Club, to engage fellow enthusiasts who can actively contribute by becoming club members.