View-master Personal Stereo – 33/99

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United States 1952 – Stereographic – 35 mm – Rare.

The View-Master was a device marketed from the late 1930s by Sawyer’s Photo Services, allowing stereoscopic (3D) images to be viewed from cardboard discs carrying seven pairs of stereoscopic slides. Those discs have been very popular for decades representing touristic sites or movie stars.

The View-Master Personal Stereo Camera was designed to allow users to create their own View-Master discs with common 35 mm film. For each film one could take up to 69 stereo exposures. A full set including cutter, mounter and discs was available.

The camera itself is a beautifully crafted device that comes with a very intuitive exposure “Easy-indicator” that would help setting aperture and speed by marching the subject color (light to dark) with the light and weather conditions (sunny to cloudy). Its streamlined design vaguely relates to the Kodak Bantam Special and makes it a totally iconic camera design for the 50s.

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