Rollei 35 S Jubilee – 18/99

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Germany 1974 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Rollei 35 is a 35 mm miniature viewfinder camera built by Rollei in 1966 and one of the smallest 35 mm cameras ever built.

Heinz Waaske, chief engineer of German camera maker Wirgin, designed the 35 in his spare time in the 60s. He was trying to create the smallest possible camera using a standard 35 mm film. Unfortunately not Wirgin, nor Leitz or Kodak to whom he proposed the camera were interested. It took Waaske’s new employer, Rollei managing director’s enthusiasm to bring the prototype camera to mass production. 

About 2 million (in various versions) were manufactured until 2015 making it one of the most iconic cameras of all time. Less than 3000 Rollei 35 “Jubilee” were produced.

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Rollei 35 S Jubilee – 18/99”

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