Icons of Photography
a Legendary Journey

Welcome to the first Parisian museum entirely dedicated to iconic cameras.

Nested within the mythical Studio Harcourt, this one-of-a-kind museum invites you to embark on a fascinating journey through a century of photography. Discover 99 of the most iconic cameras ever produced through an experience that’s aesthetic, playful, informative, and a bit nostalgic.

Along this route, you’ll encounter cameras from legendary brands like Leica, Hasselblad, or Zeiss Ikon, each with its own story to tell, but you’ll also discover lesser-known gems of design and technology that have paved the way for the cameras we use today.

Whether you’re a analog photography enthusiast, a history buff, or just curious, we invite you to join us on this journey through the world of iconic vintage cameras.

Discover Harcourt Camera Museum in Paris

As you make your way through the museum, take the opportunity to explore Studio Harcourt, a Parisian iconic institution and a witness to photographic history since 1937.

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A Unreasonable Collection

The displayed cameras belong to the 99 Cameras Club private collection and range from the early 20th century to the advent of digital photography, in the 1990s.

Gianpaolo Benincasa, an absolutely unreasonable collector, dedicated more than half a century gathering them around the world, leaving behind an eclectic collection that his son now has the privilege to share through the 99 Cameras Club.

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A New Kind of Museum

The 99 Cameras Museum is the world’s first museum where visitors can acquire exclusive digital doubles of all the exhibited cameras.

Camera CollectibleCamera CollectibleCamera Collectible

Whether you’re an NFT collector in search of rare NFTs, a camera enthusiast looking to join the 99 Cameras Club, or simply want to support the museum, you can instantly become the owner of our exclusive digital collectibles.

Your contribution will play a crucial role in keeping the museum free, enhance the collection, allow you to own a “piece” of the collection project.

Vintage Camera Museum

Visit the Museum

We will be happy to welcome you starting October 12th 2023.

The visit will be free and open to all.


Contact us : museum@99Cameras.club

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99 Cameras Museum x Harcourt Studio
6 Rue de Lota
75116 Paris

Metro 9 Rue de la Pompe (Avenue Georges Mandel)

Bus 52 Place Jean Monnet