Leica III (mod. F) – 17/99

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Germany 1934 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

Successor to the Leica I and produced as the same time as the Leica II, the Leica III is probably the most iconic and imitated camera design ever. The cover that protects the viewfinder and rangefinder is the source of inspiration for the hundreds of copies that continue to appear even today, even among digital cameras.

Technically the Leica II and III bring a major innovation : the addition of a rangefinder integrated into the body, coupled with standardized lenses, makes the camera a lot more efficient and easy to use without changing the general dimensions of the camera. The Leica III is identical to the Leica II but introduces the typical slow speed module at the front.

The Leica III is the first camera to summarise all the essential elements that will be Leica’s signature in all following cameras.

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Leica III (mod. F) – 17/99”

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