Brownie Starlet – 24/99

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United States 1960 – Compact – 127 film – Common.

The Brownie Starlet is a simple, plastic, fixed focus camera, mass produced by Kodak from 1957. It was one of the very successful “Star” series.

The Starlet was a very common and low cost camera but remains one the cutest cameras ever made. With its toy size, its cute lateral flash an its typical 60s roundish design features, the Starlet carries the atmosphere of a whole American decade with it. Kodak produced several cameras of the Star family in Europe and the United States with similar names Starluxe, Starmite, Starmeter, Starmatic or Starflex.

The Star cameras are the typical “beginner” camera collector items and are often the starting point of larger collections. The 99 Cameras Club would not be complete without it.

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