35 Kodex No.1 – 13/99

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United States 1939 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Kodak 35 Kodex No.1 was introduced just before world war 2 as the first 35mm still camera of Kodak built in the USA.

It was a simple enough camera and was efficiently designed to be an entry price for Kodak’s product range. It went for as low as $14.50 (would be $300 today), roughly ten times cheaper than a folding Kodak Retina. The body is a solid bakelite block with numerous metallic panels, inserts, and fittings. The Kodex No.1 carries a unique antique vibe from the lens/shutter unit that it inherited from earlier Kodak folding cameras.

Even if not extremely rare, this camera marks a turning point for Kodak and is a beautiful collectible.

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35 Kodex No.1 – 13/99”

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