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Kiev 30 “JPS” – Bonus 2

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Kiev 1978 – Spy Camera – 16 mm – Infrequent.

Starting 1978, Kiev Arsenal produced a special version of the Kiev 30 subminiature concealed inside a pack of “John Player Special” cigarettes.

It was presented as a KGB spy camera to be used in the United Kingdom. It is more probable that it was just an expensive novelty item sold to gullible westerners visiting Ukraine during the cold war – as it could never pass for an actual pack of cigarettes. 

The top of the camera is open, showing the filters of fake cigarettes. One butt sticking out is used to advance the film. The normal aperture and shutter speed setting are at the bottom of the pack. This variation of the Kiev 30, without being extremely rare, is a very representative of the east-west relationship in the 70s.

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Kiev 30 “JPS” – Bonus 2

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