K.G. Corfield
Periflex 1 – 14/99

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England 1953 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

The Periflex 1 is an English 35mm camera manufactured by K.G. Corfield. It was first presented in 1953, coinciding with the event of the Queen’s coronation. 

Its most notable innovation was the vertical focusing mechanism that looked like a submarine periscope and gave its name to the camera. This very ingenious solution is operated  by depressing a button protruding from the side of the vertical cylinder housing to lower a periscope into position right behind the lens. This unique feature would allow it to focus on a small section of the image.

The Periflex is a beautiful camera of which less than 3000 were ever produced. The initial series was covered in brown pigskin while the later versions were covered in black leatherette. 

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