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The 99 Cameras Club is an innovative collection project with the ambition of curating the most iconic camera collection thru shared ownership.

The idea is simple : Club members and supporters acquire shares of the project thru digital collectibles and participate to the life of the club’s (physical) collection.

All proceeds contribute to enhancing the collection, through exchanging cameras with more iconic ones, financing the 99 Cameras Museum or creating exclusive collectible items like the 99 Cameras Collector Book and all contributors are entitled to exclusive or privileged access to all activities and collectibles.

Discover our current projects :

Vintage Camera Museum in Paris
Camera Museum in Paris

The first iconic camera museum in Paris

The club takes great pride in its exclusive collaboration with Harcourt Studio Paris, arguably the world’s most renowned portrait studio, which has captured the essence of countless celebrities for over a century.

Through this partnership, we are excited to introduce the 99 Cameras Museum , entirely dedicated to Iconic cameras, hosted in Harcourt’s historic mansion in the heart of Paris. This distinctive space offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the realm of the most emblematic vintage cameras that have profoundly influenced the history of photography.

The 99 Cameras Club Museum will open October 12th and serve as a dynamic and captivating exhibition space, providing club members with the ongoing opportunity to visit and engage with the shared collection.

Exclusive Camera Collectibles

Vintage Camera CollectibleVintage Camera CollectibleVintage Camera Collectible

In October, we will be launching 2000 Camera Collectibles , digital replicas of the cameras in the club’s collection. Each grants a share of the project, can be minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and its rarity is determined by the rarity of the actual camera.

For the first time, you can finance and participate to an innovative, dynamic collection project by curating your own digital collection !

Vintage Camera Collectible

The only collection book you want to have

Vintage Camera Collection

The club has partnered with Eyeshot, the pioneer independent publisher of Street and Documentary Photography, to create a stunning luxury book that commemorates this extraordinary journey.

The 99 Cameras Collector Book stands as the first book dedicated to a vintage camera collection destined to continuously evolve and flourish into the most iconic assortment ever. Unlike other exceptional camera books that seek to establish themselves as definitive references, the 99 Cameras Collector Book will serve as a dynamic testament to a one-of-a-kind adventure shared by an enthusiastic community. And as the collection expands, so will the book’s content.

The first release of this incredibly rare book will be available early 2024 and 99 off-market prints will be dropped to our Founder Members.

Vintage Camera Collectible

Join the club, Become our Supporter!

The 99 Cameras Club and the 99 Cameras Museum are private initiatives that rely on Members and Supporters.

Vintage Camera NFTVintage Camera CollectibleVintage Cameras CollectibleVintage Camera Collectible

We offers various opportunities through Membership cards or Camera Collectibles to create a meaningful and passionate community of Organisations, Photographers and Collectors.

Vintage Camera Collectible

Be sure to join our Discord server to follow the process.

Notes :

99 Cameras Club is provided by Wall Burners SAS (VAT FR35907706543)
Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.