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99 Founder Packages available. Meet the current Founders

Taking camera collection to the 21st Century

Film photography has never been so popular.

Gen Z is discovering the joys of capturing the world without a smartphone while countless photographers are going back to enjoy working on film. Fascination for vintage cameras is back !

The 99 Cameras Club is the innovative way for the passionate and amateurs to be part of the ultimate camera collection experience !

How does it work ?

The 99 Cameras Club started from a family story and is a new type of collection experience where members share a (physical) camera collection by building their own (digital) collection.

To make it possible, we created digital versions of the club’s 99 cameras for you to collect, composing your own collection.

What are Camera Collectibles ?

Camera Collectibles are unique digital assets, digital-twins of the 99 cameras in our private collection. They contain beautiful, exclusive media and are produced in limited quantities according on how rare each camera actually is. 5000 will be available in total.

Camera Collectibles can be minted and traded as standard NFTs or kept securely for you, if you do not have a wallet. They belong to you to do as you please.

Each Camera Collectible is unique, carries advantages and represents 1 share of the project. So you are really collecting a part of an innovative collection project and not just a picture.

What is the Project Roadmap ?

The 99 Cameras Club is a long term project and we will be issuing regular collectible drops, either new Camera Collectibles or collaborative works with photographers and communities. Here is our roadmap.

  • Sept 15th 2022 : Beginning of the 99 cameras daily reveal
  • March 1st 2023 : Initial Founder Cards and Packages whitelist-only opening ✅
  • April : 99 Cameras Application release
  • June : 5000 Camera Collectibles public drop (free & early drop for Founders)
  • July : Second Founder Cards and Packages whitelist-only opening
  • Summer : Beginning of the collection upgrade and merchandise activities
  • Fall : Eyeshot exclusive book print and delivery to Founders

What’s in the Founder Package ?

  • 1 / 99 Founder card granting Founder Status (15 shares).
  • 1 / 99 Super-Exclusive Book. (Eyeshot off-market personal edition).
  • 5 / 5000 Random Camera Collectibles (5 shares)
  • Up to 30 Camera Collectibles (30 shares) if Founder owns same model physical cameras
  • Exclusive access to drops of limited edition books by Eyeshot.
  • 25 % Rebate and Whitelist on following drops.
  • Name (or brand) as Founder & Collector in the books and all properties

What is the Eyeshot Book ?


All Founder Members will receive an incredibly rare book, designed, personalised and numbered by Eyeshot, the first independent publisher of Street and Documentary Photography.

This unique luxury book, dedicated to the 99 cameras and containing the names (or brands) of the Members will be printed in only 99 copies mid 2023.

The book is the physical token of your participation to the 99 Cameras Club. Having your name in such a book is the physical proof of your participation to the ultimate camera collection experience.

As the cameras will be updated, a new version of the book will be available every year.

Why a Smartphone App ?

To create an exclusive collection experience and guarantee the same experience to all collectors (NFT users and non-NFT users) we created a free smartphone application (for iOS & Android) on which you can transfer your collectibles. This way you can carry your collection with you wherever you go, with or without crypto wallet !

The application is not a simple “display case” for collectibles but a fully secured environment allowing you personal and exclusive access to your collectibles. With the application you are the only one able to showcase your collection and enjoy the associated advantages.

The application will also contain a secure membership proof, giving you physical access to member advantages at partners locations as well as live events or exhibitions.

What if I own some of the cameras ?

As a Founder Member, chances are you already are a camera collector. If you own any of the cameras featured in the collection (same model regardless of the year), we will send you the matching Camera Collectible for free.

What will you do with the Investments ?

We want to offer our members the most iconic collection ever, so all revenues will be reinvested in the collection. We will be upgrading it, either by acquiring missing crown jewels or caring for the cameras that need to be tuned after a long existence.

We will also invest in promoting the visibility of the club and collection through exclusive events, partnerships and advantages for the Members.

Be sure to join our Discord server to follow the process.

Take your passion for analogue photography to the next level – join the club !

Notes :

* Shares of the project entitle to a part of profits generated in merchandise, expositions and partnerships as well of the revenue in case of sale of the collection as a whole. They also grant proportional voting rights. Shares of the project apply to the collection project as a whole, they do not grant ownership of the physical cameras. Read the Terms and Conditions for more details.

**The 99 Cameras Club is open to 99 Founder Members only. Other membership opportunities will be open at a later stage. Whitelisted candidates can alternatively purchase a Membership Card in Ether or Euros.

  • In Ether : The NFT will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • In Euros : The Founder Card will be securely stored and made available in the 99 Cameras App. It can be minted on Ethereum at any moment by simply connecting a Metamask wallet (Gas fee will apply).

99 Cameras Club is provided by Wall Burners SAS (VAT FR35907706543)
Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.