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Inventing a new collection experience.

The 99 Cameras Club is the first ever digital collection of iconic cameras from a real-life private collection. We aim at using technology to share our love for vintage cameras with a passionate community of collectors and amateurs.

We believe that the digital revolution and blockchain technologies create innovative ways to collect rare and exclusive items. This new breed of collections are phygital – mixing physical and digital collectibles in a way that was not imaginable before.

The 99 Cameras Club’s digital camera collectibles are unique and beautifully-crafted digital-twins of the 99 cameras of our collection. They capture the essence of each camera with high-quality media and provide an exclusive access to the life of the real collection. Physical and digital elements complement each other, providing a new and unique experience to the collectors .

Only 5000 digital camera collectibles will ever be produced and each camera will be available in a limited number of copies matching its real-life rarity (secured by NFTs and a dedicated smartphone app).

Each digital camera collectible will give its owner a share of the physical camera collection.

Collecting and trading them will be easy, fun and create a thrilling new experience that blurs the lines between reality and virtual.

Physical collectibles will also be available in limited quantities and will potentially unlock exclusive digital contents.

Physical collectibles and events

  • An Exclusive Photo Book with all 99 cameras designed and printed in collaboration with a renowned photo publisher. A very limited edition will be printed for our 99 Founder Members.
  • Live Expositions of the 99 cameras, starting in an influential Parisian art gallery.

Digital collectibles (with NFT certificates)

  • 99 unique Founder Member Cards for early members.
  • 5000 unique Digital Camera Collectibles of the 99 cameras containing exclusive high-quality content to be enjoyed within a dedicated secure application.

Physical and digital collectibles will be made available to club members only when all 99 cameras have been revealed.


Join the club as a Founder !

The first 99 members to join will be granted the Founder status and will receive one of 99 Founder Packages.

Not actual card design

Founder package

  • 1 of 99 Founder Membership cards (NFT).
  • 1 of 99 Founder Collection Books. Off-market special edition.
  • 5 of 5000 Camera Digital Collectibles to start their own collection and own 5 shares of the physical collection.
  • Name (or brand) on the website and events as Founder & Collector.
  • Invitations for live or remote events.

If you wish to join this exciting adventure and apply for club Founder membership, please fill up the form and we will come back to you with instructions.

Note : Each Member Card and Digital Collectible will be secured by a unique NFT certificate. If you do not have a wallet (or do not wish to have one), we offer a 100% wallet-less solution.