Fashionflash 405 – 30/99

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Hong Kong 1980 – Compact – 110 film – Infrequent.

ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) is a multinational company founded in 1920, specializing in telephone communications. For a very short duration, they ventured into film photography with devices of generally little interest made in Hong Kong.

The Fashionflash 405 that came out in 1980 is nonetheless a unique and noteworthy camera. More for its looks than its basic functions : the camera has two lenses and a built-in flash. The Fashionflash was meant to be the deluxe and fashionable item of the ITT camera line and presented a unique design,. Strongly (and freely) inspired by the Star Wars universe. This camera could completely be used as a prop in any of the original Star Wars movies that were the blockbusters of the times. 

Very few items from the 80s have managed to create a futuristic look that aged as well as the Fashionflash. The sliding motion to operate the camera (with a very satisfying “click” sound) also adds the experience. Today, the Fashionflash carries the perfect dose of 1980s nostalgia with a little Stormtrooper cosplay sensation. 

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