Fed I Type A – 22/99

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USSR 1939 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Fed 1 Type A is a camera of legend. Historically, this is the most significant Soviet camera ever.

It was the first URSS attempt at producing a top level 35 mm compact camera by replicating the most advanced camera of the times, the Leica II. The first prototypes were built in a few months and mass production started in 1934, just two years after the launch of the Leica II itself. Philosophically, the Fed 1 perfectly embodies the Sovietic desire of producing for the mass market and not the elite few as the Leica is in the western imperialist world.

The FED 1 was a masterpiece of camera design and about 700000 were produced between 1934 and 1955. The specific model show here is a known as a “Sibir” where the triggers and winders have been extended to be used with gloves in the Siberian cold.

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