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Creating a superlative collection with the 99 most iconic cameras ever.

On September 15th 2022 we started a unique and fascinating journey.

Every day we reveal one iconic camera and add it on the shelves of the 99 Cameras Club collection. Each camera is carefully selected for its technical innovations, its disruptive design or because it was an icon of its time.

Our goal is to ultimately collect the 99 most iconic cameras of all times. As the project proceeds, some will be replaced or upgraded, but every time that happens, another is retired. There will always be 99 cameras in the collection evolving into the best version of themselves.

The 99 Cameras Club is an ongoing collector journey that we are sharing with the world. Discover this unique story and how you can participate to this project !

The Collection (so far)

The Bonuses

Every once in while we add some Bonus cameras. They are not directly featured in the collection. Sometimes because they are not totally relevant or because a similar model is already listed in the 99. But nonetheless they are interesting items for collectors.